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Royal Experiences

King Blaque Airways is a premier provider of private aviation, luxury vacations, and high-end transportation services.

Our clients can choose from a range of options, including private jet charters, yacht rentals, mansion and villa rentals, and exotic luxury car transportation. 

Our private jet charters allow you to travel in style and comfort, with access to a wide range of aircraft and personalized flight itineraries. Our yacht rentals provide the opportunity to explore the world's most beautiful waterways and coasts in style, with a range of sizes and amenities to choose from.

For those seeking a more immersive luxury vacation experience, our mansion and villa rentals offer a range of breathtaking properties in some of the most sought-after locations around the world. And for those who want to travel in style on the ground, our exotic luxury car transportation service allows you to choose from a fleet of high-end vehicles.

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Royal Jet


Royal Yacht


Royal Mansion


Royal Vehicle

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Royal Yacht Experience

Experience the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity with our yacht charter services


Royal Home Experience

Experience the ultimate in luxury and opulence with our mansion and villa rental services


Royal Transportation Experience

Experience the ultimate in luxury, comfort and style with our luxury ground transportation services


Royal Group Jets

Experience luxury travel at its finest with special accommodated Jets  

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